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Welcome to the musical world of Ericca De Lima. I am a Brazilian-American singer and songwriter whose veins pulsate with the rhythm of melodies since an early age. Immersed in the realm of music, I embarked on a journey nurtured by singing lessons and musical perception, taking her first steps into the art of songwriting.

In 2005, my talent shone brightly as I triumphed at the esteemed II Mostra Sesc Piaui de Musica, a renowned festival in my hometown. This victory became a platform for sharing experiences and connecting with fellow passionate musicians.

However, it was in the United States that I found a new chapter in my musical expedition, seizing precious opportunities to study under the guidance of esteemed teachers and artists, including the illustrious Luciana Souza and an array of other influential mentors. Among these guiding lights, Jane Monheit stands as a beacon of inspiration, imparting invaluable wisdom that continues to shape my musical odyssey.

Recently, I unveiled her latest project, a heartfelt fourteen-song studio album titled 'What I’ve Got'. As my artistic journey evolves, I am currently immersed in crafting my new song titled “Spiritual Bond”. This composition holds a profound significance, encapsulating a beautiful moment of transformation in the landscape of my mind and music.

Join me on my musical expedition, where each note resonates with passion, each lyric tells a story, and each melody evokes emotions that transcend boundaries. Explore my world of soulful tunes and heartfelt compositions that echo the harmony of life's profound moments.


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